2nd Sunday of the Great Fast

February 28, 2010

“Fasting is not a new invention, but a treasure received from the Fathers. All that is ancient is worthy of praise. Respect the antiquity of fasting! It is as old as man himself.” (St. Basil, On Fasting I)

Sat. Feb. 27 – 4:00 p.m. †Catherine Morika – Mr. & Mrs. Peter Morika
Sun. Feb. 28 – 8:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy – God’s Blessing for Parishioners
4:00 p.m. Laymen Stations – St. Nicholas (Glen Lyon)
Mon. Mar. 1 – NO SERVICES
Tues. Mar. 2 – NO SERVICES
Wed. Mar. 3 – 6:30 p.m. Stations of the Cross & Sorokousty (St. Vladimir, Edwardsville)
Thurs. Mar. 4 – NO SERVICES
Fri. Mar. 5 – 9:00 a.m. Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
6:30 p.m. Stations of the Cross & Sorokousty
Sat. Mar. 6 – 4:00 p.m. Deceased of Seniuk & Nadzan Families – Marion Williams
Sun. Mar. 7 – 8:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy God’s Blessing for Parishioners
4:00 p.m. Laymen Stations – Transfiguration of Our Lord (Nanticoke)
Divine Liturgies for St. Vladimir (Edwardsville)
Saturday 6:00 p.m. English – Sunday 10:30 a.m. Slavonic

The Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
“A typical lenten service is the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts. Already in the first centuries there was a custom during the Forty Days Fast to omit the celebration of the Divine Liturgy because, at that time, it was still linked with agape, that is the love banquet, and this was not in keeping with the spirit of fasting. Furthermore, the Divine Liturgy was regarded as a joyous mystery; for this reason, it’s celebration was limited to Saturday and Sunday. On the other days of the week, to give the faithful an opportunity to receive Holy Communion, the Divine Liturgy was replaced by other services, from which the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts developed in time. Actually, this is not a Liturgy in the sense of the word, for it does not have consecration of bread and wine: but rather, it is a Vespers service combined with the rite of Holy Communion, for which the bread was previously consecrated. Hence the name of Presanctified Gifts. ” Julian J. Katrij, OSBM, A Byzantine Rite Liturgical Year

The Holy and Great Fast
“Because we did not fast we were banished from paradise.
So then let us fast so as to return back to paradise”
(St. Basil, On Fasting I)
“The great Holy Fast, called also the Forty Days Fast, is one of the oldest and most sacred Christian practices. The history of the Great Fast is long and rich in tradition, dating from Apostolic times. The pre-paschal fast is called Great, not only because of the duration but also because of it’s significance in the life of the Church and of every Christian. ” Julian J. Katrij, OSBM, A Byzantine Rite Liturgical Year

Metropolitan Stefan’s Reflection for Second Sunday of Great Fast
Did you notice that every major television network recently provided live coverage of the golfer Tiger Woods’ apology? He impressed as contrite and sincere when he admitted to his adulteress behavior and the harm it had caused to his family and to friends and supporters. The subsequent reaction by television commentators and others was very mixed. Some applauded the apology while others criticized it citing various insufficiencies. What was your reaction? How do you and I offer forgiveness to those who have disappointed us?
Jesus forgave without analysis of whether one might impress as sincere or contrite, sufficient or not. We read in the Gospels how some people later criticized Jesus for the way he treated sinners, and after Jesus healed people. God forgives outright! Look at how Jesus specifically cited the apostle Peter by name after His resurrection, even though Peter had denied Him three times. No analysis or questioning of Peter’s sincerity. Unconditional forgiveness! Seek it for yourself during Great Fast! Practice it with others every day!

WELCOME – To all who are tired and need rest; to all who mourn and need comfort; to all who are friendless and need friendship; to all who are discouraged and need hope; to all who are hopeless and need sheltered love; to all who sin and need a Savior; and to whomsoever will, this Church opens wide its doors in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. To all who are worshipping with us today – WELCOME!
LITURGY REQUESTS – We ask that if you have dates on which you would like a liturgy offered that you make those requests as early as possible. Request for liturgy dates will be assigned in the order in which they are received. Contact the rectory office to make your requests.
STAYING IN TOUCH – If there is anyone who is regularly unable to attend liturgy but would like to keep in touch with what’s going on in the parish, please contact the rectory office about receiving a copy of the bulletin through the mail.
SOROKOUSTY MEMORIAL SERVICES – There is still time to have your beloved deceased remembered at Lenten Services this year, please fill out and submit the appropriate envelope provided in your envelope box and deposit it with the collection. Please make sure to print your names clearly.
RUMMAGE SALE – Our Annual Rummage Sale will be held Friday, March 5th, 9 AM – 4 PM, Saturday, March 6th, 9 AM – 3 PM and Sunday, March 7th, 10 AM – 2 PM.
RUMMAGE SALE FOOD PREP SESSION – Wednesday, March 3rd at 9:30 AM.
LAYMEN SATIONS – Our thanks to the Apostleship of Prayer for hosting the Laymen Stations, in our church, last Sunday. The Ladies would also like to thank all who aided them in this endeavor.
NOTE OF THANKS RECEIVED – Father Orest received a most gracious note of thanks from the parishioners of SS. Peter & Paul (Plymouth) for help and participation by our parish in the Forgiveness Vespers and Social held on February 14th. The note is posted in the vestibule.
IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION – Your record of individual giving for 2009 is available. If you would like a letter listing your giving for 2009, Please contact the Parish Office. The Parish Financial Report will be available in March.
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLASSES RESUME – Our Spring Session of the Cross Valley Religious Education classes resumed this Saturday. Catechism classes are offered free of charge to parishioners in grades one through eight, on Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 AM.
COLLECTION FOR CHURCH IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE – Over he next few weeks our diocese will hold the Collection for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe. This collection supports essential pastoral work as well as scholarships for Catholic students, innovative Catholic communications, and Catholic social and humanitarian programs. The Church of this region remains in great need, and your assistance will give faith to the future. Envelopes for this collection were included the bulletin last week, additional envelopes are available in the vestibule. Please make your returns over the next few weeks to aid this worthy cause.
LAST CALL – PARISH SIGN DONATIONS – Plans are being finalized for our new parish sign. The sign will be roughly 2 feet by 5 feet, double sided and installed in front of the church. Renderings of the sign are posted on the bulletin board in the back of the church. If you’d like to make a donation to help defray the cost, please place your donation with the collection using a Supplemental Envelope from the back of the Church and label it “Parish Sign”.
RENOVATION FUND – Should you wish to make a contribution to this fund please use the “Special Collection for Renovations to the Church Complex” envelopes that are available in the back of the church.
BEQUESTS TO YOUR PARISH – Please remember SS. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church with memorial gifts and in your will.
CEMETERY RULES & REGULATIONS – Out of respect for all parish families and their deceased members, these rules and regulations were designed for the uniform appearance, ease of maintenance, safety, and cleanliness of our cemetery. Please give your full co-operation. All decorations, including unplanted and artificial flowers, must be removed before March 31 or be subject to removal. Christmas decorations must be removed by January 31. All stone, metal, and other borders around monuments or memorials are prohibited. Only low borders, one inch above ground level, are permitted in front of hillside graves in order to prevent erosion. No shrub or tree planting is allowed. Loose stone and / or gravel are prohibited on any grave plot. Persons causing any damage to cemetery property will be liable. No dumping on the cemetery grounds or beyond the perimeter. No walking pets through the cemetery. No trespassing on cemetery property after hours. Cemetery hours are 7:00 AM to sundown. These Rules Effective Immediately.
PORTRAIT OF JESUS! THE SHROUD OF TURIN – Would you like to see the famous Shroud of Turin? The actual burial cloth that wrapped the crucified body of Jesus? The Shroud’s history includes theories of how it was taken from Jerusalem to France and then secretly moved in 1939 to a chapel in Avelline in Southern Italy for safe keeping during WWII. It was later returned to Turin in 1946. Princes’, Dukes, Duchess’ and even Pope John Paukl II were persons who claimed its ownership for 2,000 years. On Sunday, April 25th SS. Peter & Paul Church will sponsor a bus to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Philadelphia to view the Shroud of Turin Exhibition. The bus will leave the Churchyard at 10:30 AM. It is anticipated that we will leave Philadelphia about 3:30 PM. Edwardsville and Wilkes-Barre will be sponsoring the trip. The cost for the trip will be $25 per person. Should you wish to reserve a seat, please call Dr. Michael Labuda. 820-7105.
HELP WANTED – Ss. Peter & Paul Ukr. Cath. Church, W-B is seeking temp. help with prep and event day work associated with it’s Annual Rummage & Homemade Food & Bake Sale. (March 5, 6 & 7) Positions are available in the following areas; Salespersons, Pricers, Parking Attendants, Kitchen Staff, Set-Up/Clean-Up Crews. Work at home positions available for Bakers. F/T & P/T positions available. No experience necessary, on the job training provided. Compensation limited to personal gratification. Rewards heavenly. Benefits your parish. To find out how you can help call 825-0902.
HALUSKI & SOUP SALE – SS. Peter and Paul, Ukrainian Catholic Church (Plymouth) will sponsor a Haluski (cabbage & noodles) and Vegetable Bean Soup Sale on Friday, March 5, 2010. Please place your orders by March 3rd by calling Ann at 829-4202. Take-outs only. Price per quart is $5.00 for either item. Pick up time will be Friday, March 5th at the Church Hall, 20 Nottingham St., Plymouth, PA – between the hours of 2:30 and 5:00 PM.
PYROHY SALE (SCRANTON) – Fresh Homemade Pyrohy / Pierogi Sale at St. Vladimir Parish Center, 428 North Seventh Avenue, Scranton. Saturday, March 6, 2010 – 1:00pm to 3:30pm. Preorders required by Monday, March 1 – $6.00 per dozen. Contact Dorothy at 346-4164.
UKRAINIAN CULTURAL EXHIBIT & CRAFT SALE – Sponsored by League of Ukrainian Catholics, North Anthracite Council Sunday, March 14, 2010 at St. Vladimir Parish Center 428 N. 7th Ave, Scranton, PA 18503 – 10:30 to 3:00. Lunch will be available, along with variety of homemade ethnic foods and baked goods. Everyone is cordially invited to attend SUNDAY DIVINE LITURGY at St. Vladimir Church at 10 a.m. Interested crafters/ vendors: $15/8’table Contact Janina Everett 570-759-2824 or nacfluc@hotmail.com.
ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION – Adult religious education classes at SS Cyril & Methodius Ukrainian Catholic Church, Berwick, will resumed Monday, February 22nd at 7:00 p.m. in church hall. They will continue for four Mondays. This year’s topic will be the Divine Liturgy. Everyone is welcome. The church is located at 706 Warren St, Berwick, PA.
PARISH LENTEN MISSION – SS. Cyril & Methodius Ukrainian Catholic Church, 706 warren St., Berwick, PA will conduct a Lenten Mission on Sunday, March 21, 6:30 pm followed by social & fellowship, Monday, March 22, 6:30 pm and Tuesday, March 23, 6:30 pm followed by social & fellowship. Everyone is welcome. The Mission will be presented by His Grace Bishop Nicholas Samra. Bishop Nicholas was formerly (now retired) Auxiliary Bishop of the Newton, MA Eparchy of the Melkite Byzantine Catholic Church in America. He was born in Patterson, NJ, and was ordained a priest in 1970. He served in parishes in California, Illinois, and New Jersey. In 1989, he was named Auxiliary Bishop of the Newton Eparchy and served as Vicar General in addition to other duties. He has authored many articles on Christian leadership, ecumenism, catechesis, and stewardship. He has published a multi-volume history of the Melkite Church. He is a dynamic speaker, and often gives retreats, missions, and formation weekends to clergy and laity.
PASKA SALE – Saints Cyril and Methodius Ukrainian Catholic, Berwick will have a Paska (Easter Bread) Sale. Plain or Raisin Loaves are available for $7 each. Orders will be available for pick-up on Saturday, March 27th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the church on Warren Street in Berwick. Order by Sunday, March 21st by calling Pat Reddin (570)752-1269 or Shirley Fowler (570)752-4701.
ST. VLADIMIR CENTENNIAL – St. Vladimir’s in Edwardsville will be celebrating their 100th anniversary on July 18,2010. If you wish to place an ad in their commemorative booklet, please act now. The ads can be of congratulatory, honorable, in memory of a loved one or for a business that you frequent. If you have any questions call Jeanne at 283-1991 or email her at Walter.peters3@ VERIZON.NET. Deadline for adds is March 6th. Adds may be mailed along with payment to the church at 70 Zerby Avenue, Edwardsville, Pa. 18704.
HOMEMADE LENTEN FOOD SALE – The Catholic Community of North Wilkes-Barre will sponsor Homemade Lenten Food Sales in St. Stanislaus Church Hall, 666 North Main Street, on Fridays during Lent. Potato pancakes, halusky, Manhattan clam chowder and New England clam Chowder. Serving 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM. Eat in or Take out. For Larger Orders Call Joyce at 823-4988.
HYMN-SING & STATIONS – On Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 2:00 PM, the Slovak Hertitage Society of Northeastern PA will present a Lenten Slovak Hymn-Sing and Traditional Stations of the Cross in Slovak at Holy Trinity Church, 116 Hughes Street, Swoyersville.
LITURGICAL MUSIC WORKSHOPS – Come experience a great opportunity to grow in faith and experience the joy of music. Prof. Joseph Roll is offering a Workshop on the Divine Liturgy and the Eight Resurrectional Tones at St. Michael’s Church in Frackville, PA on Friday, March 19 to Sunday, March 21, 2010 and at the Ortynsky Spirituality Center in Philadelphia on Friday, April 16 to Sunday, April 18, 2010. Registration deadlines are March 10, 2010 and April 10, 2010 respectively. The cost for each workshop is $150 per person and includes meals, music and workbooks. Hotel accommodations are available at both locations. Additional information is available in the church vestibule. Contact Rev. Archpriest John Fields at (570)874-1101 for Frackville and Rev. Archpriest Daniel Troyan at (215)922-2917 for Philadelphia.
CRUISE FUND RAISER – Set sail for Bermuda with Fr. Ivan Turyk and St. Stephen Ukrainian Catholic Church, Toms River, NJ. Sail on the Norwegian Dawn Leaving New York on June 6 and returning June 13, 2010. Cabins are $805, $1022 or $1270 per person based on double occupancy and include port, tax and donation, insurance and gratuities additional. Reservations through Zenia’s Travel Club LLC, 46 Muirfield Rd., Jackson, NJ 08527. Phone (732)928-3792; Fax (732)928-3793; email ztc@earthlink.net.
LEAGUE OF UKRAINIAN CATHOLICS RETREAT – The League of Ukrainian Catholics will host their Annual Lenten Retreat Weekend at St. Mary’s Villa Educational & Retreat Center in Sloatsburg, New York. The retreat will be held March 19, 20, & 21, 2010. This year’s theme is “Living the Beatitudes”. The retreat director will be the Very Reverend Mark Fesniak. All are welcome to participate in this weekend of prayer and reflection on the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes as given by Jesus. Anyone who wishes to spend some time away from the unessential activities of everyday, is encouraged to consider joining the retreatants from other parishes of the Metropolia for a weekend of prayer. The retreat begins Friday evening at 7:00 and runs through early Sunday afternoon. Registration is $175 and includes meals and lodging. Deadline for registration is March 10, 2010. Additional information, schedules and registration forms are available in the vestibule of the church.
SAINT BASIL’S LENTEN PILGRIMAGE – St. Basil College Seminary (Stamford, CT) opens its doors to the general public this upcoming spring. March 19-21, 2010 is your opportunity to come and learn about the richness of the Eastern Christian Tradition in a program entitled “Discover the Mystery of Christ in the Lenten Pilgrimage”. The aim of the program is to acquaint one with the richness of Eastern Christian theology and spirituality through the works of the Fathers of the Church, liturgy, icons and prayers. This special program provides an introduction and general overview of the most important issues of the Eastern Christian Tradition. The program is open for all who are interested and wish to gain knowledge about the beauty of Byzantine theology. The program fee is $225 and includes meals and lodging. Class space is limited so reserve your spot early. Deadline for registration is March 15, 2010. Additional information, pamphlets, schedules and registration forms are available in the vestibule of the church. Or call (203) 324-4578 or online at http://www.stbasilcollege.com.
SAINT BASIL’S UKRAINIAN STUDIES PROGRAM – St. Basil College Seminary (Stamford, CT) opens its doors to the general public this upcoming spring. April 23-25, 2010 is your opportunity to come and learn about the riches of the Ukrainian culture in a program entitled “Come and Discover the Magic World of Pysanka!”. The aim of the program is to acquaint and provide knowledge about Ukrainian Cultural with special focus on “Easter and the spring season” customs and traditions. The program is open for all who are interested and wish to gain first hand experience and knowledge of the ancient Ukrainian traditions and customs. The program fee is $225 and includes meals and lodging. Class space is limited so reserve your spot early. Deadline for registration is April 19, 2010. Additional information, pamphlets, schedules and registration forms are available in the vestibule of the church. Or call (203) 324-4578 or online at http://www.stbasilcollege.com.
RETREAT HOUSE – Interested in getting away from it all and meeting God in the quiet of nature? Information about the St. Clare Retreat House at the Holy Dormition Friary in Sybertsville, PA is available in the vestibule of the church.
MARRIAGE PREP WORKSHOP – The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ukrainian Catholic Church, Melrose Park, PA will present a marriage preparation workshop, “Entering the Holy Mystery of Marriage”, on Saturday, April 17, 2010 with a follow up session on Saturday, May 1, 2010. The program will focus on various aspects of marriage, both spiritual and practical, and provides each person an opportunity for greater understanding of one’s partner and a means to strengthen one’s relationship. Registration information is available in the church vestibule. The total cost of the program is $120 / couple and includes materials, lunch and refreshments. For information call (215)635-1627.

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